Tatiamo’s beginning

On January 30, 2013, I, Mollie Williams, said to my husband, I really miss music. I’d like to find someone to sing with.  Being very supportive of my dream, he agreed. I put an ad out 0n Craigslist with the simple  heading of “I need to sing”. I got several responses, a few of which I looked into. Ian McFadden was one of the people who responded to my ad.  We decided to meet at Starbucks on West 11th and started talking. When Ian and I met up for coffee, we discussed what types of music we liked.  We discussed Crosby Stills and Nash, Paul Simon, and anything with harmonies.  We seemed to have like personalities, and I thought “I’m gonna give this guy a try”. Ian will have to tell you his thoughts and his own perspective on what he thought of our meeting.

So we scheduled a time for Ian to come to my house and we worked on a couple of pieces.  I wish now, for posterity sake, I would have remembered what those few were.  I do remember I asked him about ‘Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles.  He said something that let me know that was kind of a lofty goal with only 2 vocals and a guitar.  I have to admit now that it was kind of a silly thought.  But you know, throw it out there and see what you get.  We were still getting used to each other.

After a few months, I mentioned to Ian that I had a daughter who could sing as well. I asked him if he would mind if she came and sat in.  He said, sure!  So I invited her.  It was only recently when I heard him tell this story on stage that he was worried I was one of “those” moms, who thought their kid had more talent than they really did.  I believe Ian was pleasantly surprised.  She could not only sing, but naturally find harmonies that went with what we had been working on.

We started rehearsing and added song after song.  One of the first songs I remember teaching Taylor (and truth be told, I had heard the song, but didn’t really know it well) was Paul Simon’s America.  This was not Taylor’s favorite at first, but really just because she didn’t know the song.  Once we got it down, it became one of our favorites, and we still perform it often.

This was the beginning of our little group, but we still didn’t have a name.  Stay tuned for my next post and I will tell you how we got our name (for those of you who do not know the story)!




One thought on “Tatiamo’s beginning”

  1. TATIAMO: the name, what’s the meaning?
    I know AMO is Spanish for love.
    It’s an alphabetic compilation
    For the first artists singing above.
    Taylor T., Ian, and Mollie
    Converged to form a new band.
    Grow, yes, it has been amazing!
    But the message is always what stands.
    Follow your hearts to the magic
    Embrace that which makes you whole.
    Come enjoy the music unfolding
    With harmonies sweeter than gold.

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