Our first Gig

After about 6 months of working on songs (I’m not even sure we had our name yet), we booked our first gig at a little coffee house in Eugene…The Wandering Goat.  I had heard groups play there in the past, my husband found out who did the booking and we booked our first gig.  That was in September 2016.  Time files, and so has Tatiamo.

Our first gig had a conga player and a fiddle player.  Taylor had never had experience in performing, other than high school concert choir, and I hadn’t performed in over 3 years.  I know the two of us were nervous.  I had only performed at church and weddings, mostly using Karaoke machines, with the exception of working for a few years, only doing a few minimal song sets with a couple of friends.  This experience was quite different for me and since it had been over 3 years since I had performed, I was quite nervous. And I think Taylor was pretty nervous as well, if I remember right.

It was a start!  We filled the place with mostly our friends and family, but from then on we were off and running.  My husband, Kenny and I still go to “The Goat” from time to time to get coffee, listen to some (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) music, and play cards.  Great memories!

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