With Mollie and Taylor leaving, we are in a state of transition. We have three new vocalists we are working with (more on them soon!), but still have a few gigs left with Mollie and Taylor. For the schedule below, dates marked with an asterisk will be performed with Mollie and one of our new vocalists, Francie Meng. Those marked with "Tatiamo 2.0" are with our new lineup. There are three remaining public performances with both Mollie and Taylor in the second half of September. Saturday Market on September 16, Village Green on September 23rd and Our Daily Bread on September 30th will be your last chance to see us in our original form with Mollie and Taylor. For the September 30th gig we recommend reservations.








Private Party

Saturday, August 19th


Our Daily Bread

Saturday, August 26th @ 6:00pm


Harvest Festival (Tatiamo 2.0)

Saturday, September 9th @ 1:00pm


Saturday Market

Saturday, September 16th @ 1:00pm


Private Wedding

Saturday, September 16th @ 5:00pm


Village Green Resort

Saturday, September 23rd @ 5:00pm


Our Daily Bread

Saturday, September 30th @ 6:00pm


The Brewstation (Tatiamo 2.0)

Friday, October 6th @ 7:30pm

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